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Dometic Heki 4 Remote Control Clone


Remote Control that replaces the Dometic Heki 4 remote control, please see the image for the depiction of what the clone looks like compared to the original.

Please note the numbers on the image represent which button does which function.

This remote will be required to be “paired” with your window / skylight, normally buttons 1 & 2 on the original remote would need to be pressed simultaneously to program the remote with the window but on the clone you simply press the button labeled “5” on the product image.

It is important to understand that you will not receive a manufacturers original remote as they are not available. This order will be for the clone pictured. This Clone is programmed with the functions of the original but looks different to the original.

To pair the remote with the skylight / window –
– Point the remote control at the red control lamp of the roof light.
– Press the the pairing button and release (Labeled “5” on the clone image on this page)
– Press the Open button (1) and release
Once done the other buttons should then work with the skylight / window


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